Art in Copenhagen

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Gallery Nina Sampson in Østerbro, Copenhagen

Dag Hammarskjölds Alle 42 B, 2100 Copenhagen – Phone: 28 12 28 59

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Art Gallery in Copenhagen

Welcome to Gallery Nina Sampson – We are an art gallery located in Østerbro, Copenhagen and we deal with unique Danish inspired art and sculptures.  Our gallery presents a wide range of completely unique Danish bronze sculptures, paintings, stone, ceramic and other related art.  All of our pieces have been painted, sculpted or created by acknowledged artists who have been at least partially inspired by Danish and Nordic influences.  This Nordic influence is especially evident in the minimalistic style of many of our paintings and sculptures.  We are a truly unique art gallery in that every piece of artwork in our exhibition is hand created and therefore one-of-a-kind.

Renowned Artists & Sculpters

In our permanent art display we have pieces that come from our stable of affiliated artists – among these the stone and bronze sculptures of Stiig Kalsing, Dariusz Zielinski and Johannes Sampson.  Come by the gallery and experience the life-size stone sculptures of Marek Zyga; or perhaps you would be more interested in the bronze and stone animal sculptures of Lisbeth Vard.  We routinely rotate through our inventory and accept new pieces from different artists, so there is always something new to experience.  Come by Gallery Nina Sampson and experience our fantastic and truly unique art gallery in Østerbro.

New Art Exhibitions

We regularly arrange exhibitions and presentations of our artists and their works – we recently just finished an exhibition of a certain Agnés Boulloche.  Her French inspired paintings are abundant with symbolism – fairies, dressed up up canines, chess playing zebras and other surreal imagery make her paintings truly unique and awe-inspiring.  It’s almost as if there lies a secret to be revealed from within every painting.

But don’t worry if you just missed the opportunity, because Boulloche’s paintings are currently available at our gallery.  We have an extensive inventory of unique artwork and are always planning new exhibitions and art presentations.  Remember, there is always new and exciting art to experience at Gallery Nina Sampson.   


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